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7 Tips for Marijuana Dispensary Compliance
Legal compliance within the marijuana dispensary industry is a serious issue. The ability of a business to cultivate, produce...
data-analytics-end-game (2)
The LP Endgame: Using Data Analytics To Combat Fraud Schemes
While using analytics to combat fraud isn’t as dangerous as leveling the Infinity Stone-fueled powers of Thanos –anticipating...
Percent Off vs. Dollar Discounts: The Psychology of Promotions
Nearly every brand and retailer use discounts and other promotions to grow their business.  Successful promotions have the po...
Dispensary Loss Prevention is a Must as Cannabis Industry Booms
Over the course of my career, I have always tried to keep up with emerging trends and businesses within the Loss Prevention (...
How Convenience Stores Can Increase Pump-to-Store Conversions
The average gas station attracts about 300 customers a day, but only 35% of those customers ever set foot inside the store.  ...
How can Retailers Overcome the Big Challenges of Big Data?
Looking back at the past few years, retail technology trends have shown that retailers who are able to make sense of their da...
The Growing Need for Analytics in the Cannabis Dispensary Industry
If you’ve kept up with financial news over the past year, you probably already noticed that a “green gold rush” is taking pla...
Are you "Bird Box"-ing your Business?
Netflix’s Bird Box dominated all social platforms for the last week of 2018 and the beginning of 2019. Shortly after its rele...
BOPIS retail
Is BOPIS Here to Stay? The Pros and Cons of "Click & Collect"
One of the biggest themes at this year’s NRF Big Show was the rapidly growing popularity of “Buy Online, Pickup in Store" (BO...
The Rise of Business Intelligence in Convenience Stores
The convenience industry’s profit margins aren’t what they used to be.  They can range from pennies on a fuel transaction to ...
The Unexpected Way Retail Discounts Could be Hurting Margins
Discounting retail products through promotions and loyalty/rewards programs are one of the most common and effective ways to ...
Battling America's Opioid Epidemic with Pharmacy Data Analytics
The scope of America’s opioid epidemic is staggering, costing the US economy an estimated $78.5 billion a year and tragically...

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