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The New Retail Store Operations Checklist
It may seem like today’s daily store operations aren’t much different than they were 100 years ago. But with the increasing r...
The Profitable Retailer: 10 Essential Retail Metrics - and 5 More to Consider
Your brand has great products. Your employees provide outstanding service. Your customers come back for repeat business. You’...
Everything About Plastic Bag Ban and Fee Compliance
Plastic bags have been a staple of the American consumer since they were introduced into the grocery industry in the early 19...
Is your Convenience Store Reaping the Benefits of a Strong Summer?
Unlike the winter months when people tend to avoid leaving their homes, summer is the time to travel. This summer, gas prices...
How to Spot and Stop Retail Employee Theft
Unfortunately, there’s no denying that employee theft is a reality of retail operations. Employee theft, also known as intern...
CBD in Convenience Stores: How Cannabis Products are Transforming C-Stores
For a natural remedy cultivated to combat anxiety, the cannabidiol (CBD) industry hasn’t been causing much calm for convenien...
Are Overlapping Categories Reinventing the Convenience Model?
Whether chasing core categories like tobacco and alcohol or streamlining the customer experience by eliminating the checkout ...
How to Combat Return Fraud and Abuse
Accepting returns is an important way for retailers to build trust with new customers, encourage confidence in purchases, and...
7 Tips for Marijuana Dispensary Compliance
Legal compliance within the marijuana dispensary industry is a serious issue. The ability of a business to cultivate, produce...
data-analytics-end-game (2)
The LP Endgame: Using Data Analytics To Combat Fraud Schemes
While using analytics to combat fraud isn’t as dangerous as leveling the Infinity Stone-fueled powers of Thanos –anticipating...
Percent Off vs. Dollar Discounts: The Psychology of Promotions
Nearly every brand and retailer use discounts and other promotions to grow their business. Successful promotions have the pow...
Dispensary Loss Prevention is a Must as Cannabis Industry Booms
Over the course of my career, I have always tried to keep up with emerging trends and businesses within the Loss Prevention (...

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