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Retail (7)

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Are E-Receipts Safe?
Asking if we want a paper copy of our receipt is becoming the norm when we visit our favorite retailers and restaurants. Our ...
check kiting and retail theft
A Check Kiting Kingdom Comes Crashing Down
Lately, we’ve been writing about retailers and restaurateurs contending with activities impacting profits such as losses from...
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Turning Sweethearts into Productive Employees
Lately, we’ve been writing about some of the most common types of employee theft, as a part of our loss prevention education ...
5 Tips to Upsell for Profit
We’ve all been asked the closing questions as we conclude a purchase. Do you need socks to go with the new sneakers? Would yo...
'Building a Bank:' Reduce Losses by Preventing Internal Fraud & Theft
Theft and fraud in retail and restaurants is widely considered a cost of doing business. Internal fraud and organized theft l...
male and female shoppers
Understanding the Difference Between Men and Women (When Shopping)
I’ve said it many times in this blog…the retail environment is changing as we know it. This time around we are talking about ...
the future of retail
What Will Retail look like in 25 Years?
Predicting the future can be very difficult, and when you're trying to predict the future for an industry that is becoming in...
retail tools
4 Tools Every Retailer should be Using
Technically speaking, you only need four things to be a retailer: some goods to sell, a channel to sell those goods, a method...
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A Look Ahead at 2014 - Retail Makeovers
A Look Ahead at 2014 - Retail Makeovers In Store
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Coupon Counterfeiting: We don't accept that here
Coupon Counterfeiting: We don't accept that here Retailers Beware! Counterfeit coupons could be robbing you of millions. If y...
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Defining Retail "Returnaholics" into four categories
Defining Retail "Returnaholics" into four categories A lot has been made about a recent article on regarding "returna...

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