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Measuring Restaurant Performance: 10 Essential Restaurant Metrics
What is your restaurant data telling you? Today, we have access to more data than ever before.  Customer data. Performance da...
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Improving Drive-Thru Speed of Service
In the fast casual and quick service restaurant industries, finding ways to increase your restaurant’s speed of service while...
Horror Stories or Secret Sauce: What are Ghost Restaurants?
As restaurant delivery becomes more popular than ever, restauranteurs are beginning to abandon the traditional brick-and-mort...
5 Ways Restaurants can Increase Average Check Size
Multi-location restaurant operators know how important it is to track sales figures and profits.  These essential metrics can...
The Pros and Cons of Third-Party Delivery Services for Restaurants
The demand for convenient options like delivery is on the rise and spreading from the usual suspects like pizzerias and Chine...
Democratizing Restaurant Data to Increase Operational Efficiency
In the past, restaurant chains were successful because of their menu, food quality, customer service, and price, but now we c...
restaurant franchisee data
Putting Restaurant Franchisee Data into Focus
Big data is big business for restaurant franchisees in the Information Age.  Collecting and analyzing massive amounts of data...
franmac 2018 convention recap
Taco Bell's FRANMAC 2018 Recap
Our team had a great time at the 2018 FRANMAC convention in Las Vegas! FRANMAC is the Taco Bell Franchise Management Advisory...
QSR Hero
QSR Is Dead
The Restaurant Leadership Conference has come and gone, and as first-time attendees, we were very impressed. The sessions and...
Restaurants looking to technology
The Rise of Business Intelligence in the Restaurant Industry
Yesterday marked the official kickoff to MURTEC 2018. If you aren't familiar with the show or acronym, MURTEC - the Multi-Uni...
Agilence featured on Modern Restaurant Management
Recently, Agilence's own Restaurant team has had their analytical insights featured on Modern Restaurant Management. We wante...
Restaurant Performance.png
5 Tips to Improve Restaurant Performance
Table-service restaurants serve as a reunion or gathering spot for family, friends and coworkers alike, while quick-service e...

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