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Fortune Small Business Highlights Agilence

Fortune Small Business Highlights Agilence

Fortune Small Business Highlights Agilence

The October issue of Fortune Small Business focused on security. Not just in retail, but across all major industries. However, on the retail front, the chose to highlight Agilence as a technology that is changing the way loss prevention looks at security.

From operational shrink to fraud, retailers are despeerately tryign to get their shrink under control. But, the technology in existence today is not conducive to shrink reduction. rather, it has made the job even more difficult in many ways. CCTV has made everything visible. But, there is no way that all of that video can be watched. So, retailers implemented exception reporting to analyze the macro-level trends and find those who break out of the trends. But, this is only data driven and the reports are focused on the wrong things. They consider the entire day's, week's, month's worth of transactions and then find the outliers based on that baseline.

Why? Because that is the only way to manage the terabytes of video. But, there is a better way. Agilence marries the data from the POS to the video in real-time and stores it together in a single application to enable loss prevention analysts to review 50x more transactins than with any other tool.

This is the only way to find the hidden shrink in the organization and to make a real impact.

"Hollinger and others agree that Agilence is onto something big" says the article. Read more from CNN Money and Fortune Small Business.


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