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Introducing Agilence Analytics Plus

We're proud to announce Agilence Analytics Plus, a new managed service that provides the Agilence Analytics platform to businesses without in-house LP expertise.
Introducing Agilence Analytics Plus

At Agilence, we’re proud to offer an industry-leading loss prevention analytics suite that provides enormous value to our clients in helping to detect and prevent shrink and loss, improve operations, and boost the bottom line.

However, to get this value, businesses need loss prevention analysts or other in-house users to extract actionable insights from within our Agilence Analytics software. 

That is... until today. 

We are thrilled to announce Agilence Analytics Plus, a new service designed specifically for businesses without in-house loss prevention resources. Agilence Analytics Plus combines the powerful Agilence Analytics platform with experienced third-party consultants, delivering a comprehensive, outsourced loss prevention solution. 

For a long time, we've wanted to find a way to help businesses that don’t have the luxury of an in-house loss prevention team reap the benefits of our powerful analytics. Now, thanks to our partnership with leading loss prevention service providers, any business can gain the benefits of the Agilence Analytics suite.  

What You Get with Agilence Analytics Plus 

1. Turnkey Asset Protection 

Agilence Analytics Plus comes pre-configured with top-tier loss prevention strategies, enabling immediate and effective asset protection. From the initial setup to ongoing monitoring and reporting, Analytics Plus manages it all.   

2. Seamless Data Integration 

Our service knits together data from your POS systems, products, locations, online interactions, HR processes, and loyalty programs into a fully managed exception-based reporting system.  

3. Proactive Monitoring 

Receive notifications about suspicious activities early with alerts and updates. Our experts ensure that every decision is backed by robust data, allowing you to address issues promptly and efficiently. 

4. Expertise on Demand 

Access insights, recommendations, and best practices from loss prevention experts who have extensive industry experience. Whether it's identifying sources of shrink or optimizing operations, our consultants have got you covered. 

5. Customized Reporting 

Get tailored reports to fit your unique business needs. With Agilence Analytics Plus, you gain valuable, data-backed decisions to optimize operations and boost margins. 

6. Performance Benchmarking 

Receive comparisons of store performances and other performance benchmarking to identify best practices and target improvement areas. This ensures your business can continually make data-driven optimizations. 

Partnering with Leading Loss Prevention Service Providers 

At launch we're partnering with The Zellman Group, a premier loss prevention services provider. Since 1997, they've been helping clients recoup losses, streamline operations, and reduce shrink. We’ve worked with The Zellman Group for a long time and can testify to their industry-leading expertise. Other top-tier loss prevention service providers are scheduled to join Agilence Analytics Plus in the near future.  

Expanding Our Reach 

Agilence Analytics Plus is also our latest strategic move to further expand our market reach. By appealing to thousands of businesses previously unserved by professional loss prevention software solutions, we're paving the way for more companies to benefit from our expertise. This launch also aligns with our broader strategy to grow and enter new markets, including internationally following our recent acquisition of UK-based IntelliQ. 

Interested in Outsourced Loss Prevention? 

If your business doesn’t have the in-house LP expertise but wants the benefits of the Agilence platform, such as reduced shrink and better margins, Agilence Analytics Plus is the right choice for you. Let’s talk and see what the ROI might look like for your business.  

For more information about Agilence Analytics Plus, visit our product page. 

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