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Russ Hawkins Sits Down with NJ Tech Weekly to Discuss the Past, Present, and Future of Agilence

Russ Hawkins sits down with NJ Tech Weekly as part of their Companies to Watch series

New Jersey Tech Weekly recently sat down with our own CEO Russ Hawkins as part of their "Companies to Watch in 2016" series.  Throughout the interview, Russ discusses the history of Agilence, some recent success stories, and the bright future ahead.  The full article can be found at NJ Tech Weekly's website, but a snippet can be seen below:

When Russ Hawkins joined Agilence as its CEO in November 2007, he thought he had his hands full with building a tech startup that had been founded only a year earlier.

Hawkins ran his hand through his thick gray hair as he recalled those days, when the U.S. and other countries around the globe were reeling from the most severe economic chaos since the Great Depression. Back then, Agilence was still selling its original product: video data for loss prevention in the retail industry.

The Mount Laurel-based company’s growth was stunted by the global recession. Although Agilence posted decent growth for a startup — from $700,000 in revenues in 2007 to $3 million in 2009 — it still wasn’t good enough for Hawkins. “Business was not going as fast as we wanted to go.”

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