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A Look Ahead at 2014 - Mobile

In this post we take a look ahead at 2014, focusing on mobile technologies
A Look Ahead at 2014 - Mobile

A Look Ahead at 2014 - Mobile

Mobile Apps

As mentioned in the first augmented reality post, many shoppers are becoming efficient shopping machines. They enter stores on a mission, knowing exactly what they want. Some retailers are actually worried about this type of shopper because they have no impulse. End caps, checkout promotions, and clearance signs have little to no effect on them. The best way to combat this is to embrace it, which is where mobile apps come into play.

Some retailers are already updating their apps to show aisle numbers, or even store layouts to aid these shoppers. Aiding them does not mean giving in though, you can still combat the lack of impulse buys with in-app ads, but use them wisely. Don’t just place ads for the heck of it. If a shopper searches for a product within the app, let them know if a similar item is on sale. You can even integrate the app with loyalty programs. This way if you know a shopper only buys a certain product during a specific time of year you can post a nice reminder for them in the app, encouraging purchases. Mobile is nothing new, but 2014 will see many retailers continue to push the envelope regarding mobile apps.

Wearable Technology

Wearable tech has actually been around for some time now with devices like the MotoActive, Nike FuelBand, and Jawbone Up, but the game is about to change thanks to the introduction of Samsung’s Galaxy Gear. Now the Galaxy Gear isn’t as feature rich as anticipated, but it has opened the flood gates for similar devices (Google, Sony, Microsoft, and Apple are all expected to announce/release their own smart watches in the near future). The devices to come will likely end up being smart phones that you wear on your wrist.

The effects of these devices on retail will be similar to that of the mobile apps mentioned above, it’s all about the efficient shopper. The one big difference is between the wearable tech and traditional apps is the extra free hand shoppers will have to pick up items they may be looking for. Another possible benefit for retailers is the fact that these devices are “always on.” This could make it easier for retailers to monitor foot traffic, and to keep an eye on hot ticket items. We know there has been recent backlash regarding customer privacy, but we think this will die down as 2014 rolls around, opening the potential for wearable tech.

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