WFH: Pets Edition.


Posted by Brian Donnelly - 14 May, 2020

Life in quarantine has been an adjustment and the new routine might be a struggle for some. Working from home means we don't get to see our colleagues. However, those that have pets are lucky enough to still have “co-workers” to keep them company. 

Some "co-workers" are living up to their new job responsibilities...


Zip sure does look focused on his work.  He is literally his owner's “right hand man” while working from home.   

... while some just want all of your attention.


Cannoli enjoys walking on the keyboard and rubbing her face on the screen when she wants attention, when she's not sleeping of course. 

Having multiple monitors is great for WFH, or playing bird videos.


WFH pet owner tip: use your second monitor to play bird videos to distract your kitten from your main screen. 

When WFH, tensions are higher than usual. Cue workplace drama. 


When Edison (above) isn't standing in front of the computer screen, headbutting his owner's mouse hand, and “love biting” her arm for attention, he's feuding with his foster-sister, Samantha (below). To avoid any spats, Sam works from the downstairs office. (For more pictures and the application to adopt Sam are available at 



Quarantine has definitely brought on all types of mood swings. What day is it anyway?

Sadie has really helped her family so much during these crazy times! It also helps that she is a firecracker one minute (above), and then a mush the next (below).



They say a dog is man's best friend, but apparently, stuffed hippo is dog's best friend.


Archie's "friend" the toy hippo is often snuggled up underneath him, as is pictured above. Archie also has only been with his family for 6 months but he has already taken up the mantle of Mayor of their street to their neighbors.  

Proper hygiene instructions should be made available for all new WFH "co-workers". 

SugarSugar does not know how to wear a mask, but they sure are enjoying the new hat. 

There are always some model employees in the bunch...

LunaLuna's main duties are patrolling the windows for birds that get too close and barking at the mailman.  Her reward? Walks, treats, and belly rubs. 

...while others get caught sleeping (or sunbathing) on the job.


Jax loves to lay outside and soak up the sun rays while people-watching. Quarantining does not mean you have to skip out on tanning in your own backyard.  


Two words to describe Skipper: Unimpressed and unsupportive. But Hey! He sure looks comfortable!

Beware of the WFH "co-workers" who just make a lot of noise.

Shelby & Daisy

Shelby and Daisy (respectively) bark all the time, despite their calm demeanor in this photo.

PSA: Hats are now workplace-appropriate. 


BT has been a saving grace during this whole pandemic - he continues to entertain his family. 

Some pets are enjoying the constant attention at home, but others are missing their alone time. 

Mickey and MoMo

Mickey sure is missing his friend Ducky MoMo (may he rest in peace). Although he enjoys the constant companionship and the extra walks, Mickey is probably ready for quarantine to be over like the rest of his household. 

For some pets, life during a pandemic remains completely the same.


Goofy the bird is unbothered! His life of daily "showers", playtime and singing "I Love You" from Barney multiple times per day remains the same, even in quarantine!

Hopefully, these photos and videos of our new Agilence "co-workers" have made your day a little brighter. Those who are sitting home alone have suggested that pets are a great way to break up the day and not feel so lonely. This could be a great time to try out fostering a dog or cat who needs a home during this pandemic too. 

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Posted by Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly is the Director of Marketing at Agilence. He has 12+ years of experience in marketing B2C & B2B SaaS solutions. Outside of work, Brian enjoys exploring the greater Philadelphia area with his family and their ugly/adorable Boston Terrier.

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