Tales from the T-Log...Agilence Horror Stories.


Posted by Brian Donnelly - 29 October, 2019

Halloween time may be all about the haunted houses, ghost stories, and copious amounts of candy, but businesses can experience their own frightful activities and horror stories year-round! We asked both customers and staff to share their most eerie stories uncovered with the help of Agilence’s data analytics.

These stories have been anonymized to protect these ghouls’ bone-chilling identities! So - kick back, grab some of that candy you’re planning to hand out to trick-or-treaters, and read a few terrifying business horror stories!

The Nightmare Before... Vacation

A company was offering an initiative that the store (more specifically the store manager) with the lowest Drive-Thru Speed of Service metrics would be rewarded with a boo-tiful tropical vacation. An evil manager wanted the vacation and hatched a mischievous plan. He had a friend drive through the Drive-Thru over and over, ordering only a single item, driving down their speed of service numbers. Their corporation was tricked, and he was given the free vacation! The company discovered the trickery with reporting and video identifying the managers’ devious ways.

Edward Stickyfingers

A relatively new and stealthy associate was using orphan voids (items voided that were not rung up) to create a negative order total.  The negative order amount was then credited to their credit card. Agilence identified these mysterious credits totaled over $12,000 in one month’s time! A horrifying discovery!

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble!

For many employees, their employee discount is a fang-tastic perk of the job. However, for one wicked employee, it just wasn’t enough. Through using Agilence, one company was able to catch a deceitful employee ‘double discounting’ or, adding discounts on top of an already appointed employee discount!

Trick or Treat Gone Wrong!

One brainy company tricks customers into spending a certain amount of money by offering free treats as an incentive. The more a customer spends, the more spook-takular the gift. However, for this to work, the treat must be rung up – so that  inventory is kept accurate. Some treats were not rung up and inventory count needed to be modified, resulting in another order needing to be placed. The company found that this frightening mishap cost them sales. Through data analytics they highlighted this issue within their Promotion Queries, Item Sales report, and the Inventory Adjustment report. 

Paranormal Activity?

A company wanted to monitor when transactions were rung by a cashier number that was not logged in! They wanted to identify when a cashier had forgotten to clock in OR where they were using someone else’s cashier number in order to ring fraudulent transactions. The company had purchases made under a cashier number that was previously terminated. These mysterious purchases were seemingly done by a ghost! These phantom cashiers were riddled with fraud, constantly ringing transactions that had suspicious activity.

Worked to the Bone

One company needed to track employee’s shift times to ensure that the company was remaining compliant with the law. The company has labor rules internally, along with federal Labor Laws, that mandate how many hours can be worked consecutively. Some employees were working hours without a break or lunch, to earn more money. However, they were breaking these rules that could be a huge risk to the company while working themselves to the bone!

Nightmare on Fraud Street 

One company created a query using Agilence’s data analytics tool to find fraud using stolen credit card information. They were specifically looking at purchases where the credit card number is manually keyed in (like for online purchases). They ended up finding a grave discovery! Using Agilence, they identified transactions dating back several months, from all over the country where stolen credit cards were used! Many of these transactions were linked together. They found these incidents of wickedness totaling more than $50,000 for this year alone! UnBOOlievable!  

Uncover your own horror stories with Agilence’s data analytics. While wooden stakes, silver bullets, and salt circles may ward off some monsters, nothing will protect your business more than being able to understand and take actionable insights from your data. 

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Posted by Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly is the Director of Marketing at Agilence. He has 12+ years of experience in marketing B2C & B2B SaaS solutions. Outside of work, Brian enjoys exploring the greater Philadelphia area with his family and their ugly/adorable Boston Terrier.

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