STORES Magazine highlights Rite Aid's use of 20/20 Data Analytics

Posted by Adam Creamer on Jun 8, 2017 10:59:36 AM

Agilence customer, Rite Aid, was highlighted in the recent issue of STORES Magazine.

In this issue, STORES covers "The Internet of Things at Work" and focuses on Rite Aid's use of data analytics within their asset protection program. 

Read an excerpt below:

"In 2016, Rite Aid adopted 20/20 Data Analytics as the security software in its pharmacies. A major player in the retail pharmacy industry, the company operates 4,560 locations in 31 states and the District of Columbia.

Previously Rite Aid used a combination of several systems, including in-house applications involving Microsoft Access using structured query language. Beginning in 2015, various third parties including vendors began using incompatible software, making a comprehensive update necessary.

Because they routinely handle controlled substances, pharmacies present several unique security-related challenges. Pharmacy operation also requires the use of several independent systems: POS, inventory (which must perform ongoing “cycle counts”), adjudication to perform proper billing of insurance providers and “fill” programs to accurately dispense the needed medications."

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