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Case of the Month: Self Check Me Out!

Self Check Me Out! The story of a self checkout clerk who thought she was getting away with refund fraud, only to find out Agilence's Analyst Services team has been keeping an eye on her.

Case of the Month: Self Check Me Out!

On October 15th while reviewing POS activity for an Agilence Analyst Services client, Analyst Jessica Vitello identified through data and video analysis an associate who, while supervising the Self Checkout registers, conducted a number of small dollar grocery and meat refunds throughout her shift with no customer present. A total of 27 transactions were identified in which the attendant completed the transaction and threw the receipt in the garbage. Below is a nice poem describing the incidents (best if read in Dr. Seuss style):

Self Check Me Out!

So it’s said her day was fun. She was the monitor. She was the one.

To man self checkout, oh what a blast! She sure was good and boy she was fast.

A refund for grocery, no one will know; another for meat, and so it goes.

She did them fast and she did them quick, never thinking her actions we’d pick.

Check me out! Aren’t I sly? She forgot about that eye in the sky.

Her activity was tracked, so so sad. This girl’s thefts were oh so bad.

One dollar, two dollar, three dollar, four. She went no higher, for her refund score.

But the Agilence Team was on the case. The data revealed her rapid pace

The video showed her refund style. Self Check Me out, no suspicions riled.

Her refund dance was easy to spot, she completed her act and off she’d trot.

We built the case, that’s what we’re about. So this client could show her the door. Get out!


Total # of incidents: 27
Validated Losses: $84.00
Total value to client: $1092.00

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