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Loss Prevention on TV

Undercover Bosses discover the trials and errors occurring within their organization. Hawkeye 20/20 also does this but with reports not tears.
Loss Prevention on TV

Loss Prevention on TV

Have you had a chance to watch an episode of Undercover Boss or maybe Restaurant Stakeout? I recently got around to catching an episode of Undercover Boss, and it made me realize that it is not so different from what we do everyday here at Agilence (though we are slightly less dramatic about it). The premise of the show basically is taking a top-level executive, usually the CEO of a company and making them spend a week as a regular employee. They learn the basics, from training to serving. Along the way, many discover the trials and errors occurring within the service level of their organization. Which is in part what we do with our Hawkeye 20/20 solution except we provide you with reports instead of tears.

UnderCoverBossThis made me curious, what other loss prevention shows are out there, and how do they stack up. There are two contenders I found on Food Network, one called Restaurant Stakeout and the other Mystery Diners. Both have similar concepts. Cameras are placed secretly throughout the restaurants and then the employees are observed while the owner watches along with a host. The host’s then criticize and advise the owners on how to handle the situation to avoid further issues. Here at Agilence, our in house analyst team serves as advisers, providing guidance for customers, on how to handle operational and training problems.

There are a lot of controls you give up when you are not physically in your store, but you still need a way to track proper compliance with both legal and internal policies. There was one episode in particular where the undercover boss found out the manager of the specific store was being abusive to his employees. However the employees were worried about losing their jobs and so never stepped forward with the concern. This raises red flags on how important surveillance is not only to monitor employee honesty but also to protect employee’s rights and highlight employees providing exemplary service and behavior.


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