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Kudo's to Shop Rite from my kids

Kudo's to Shop Rite from my kids

Kudo's to Shop Rite from my kids

Over the weekend, my wife and I took our kids to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. If you haven't been there and you have kids under 8, I highly recommend it!

Anyway, one of the "exhibits" in the museum is a grocery store (they also have a McDonalds). The store is a mini re-creation of a full Shop Rite grocery store with real baskets, grocery carts, check out lanes, etc. In addition to having aisles of boxed food, they have multiple departments including: seafood, bread, meat, fruits & vegetables, etc. It is very well done!

My children spent a lot of time loading groceries into their cart and my 4 1/2 year old ran the register.

I did have an issue with shoplifting though as my 2 1/2 year refused to check out and simply bypassed the registers and went right to the kitchen. Authorities are investigating. Luckily, that Shop Rite does not have Hawkeye! LOL

So, kudo's to Shop Rite for sponsoring the Please Touch Museum. It is a wonderful thing when local organizations give back to the community and it goes a long way!


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