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Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving is just days away, so we thought we would take some time to discuss what we are thankful for.
Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

With the holiday season now in full swing we thought we would take some time to discuss what we are thankful for. First and foremost everyone at Agilence is thankful for the safety of our clients and employees especially in the after math of Superstorm Sandy. We were lucky enough to make it through relatively unscathed. Some of us went a few days, even weeks, without power but all in all we made it through. For all of those in the North East affected by the storm we hope you have recovered well, and if you are still putting things back together we wish you the best and we are here for support.

Another thing we are thankful for is our families. This year has been a busy one – with the Summer Olympics, Superstorm Sandy, and Presidential Election just to name a few – and our families have been by our sides through all of it. We also would like to extend thanks to our work family as well, for the constant support, making work an enjoyable place to be, and encouraging growth & collaboration day in and day out.

We are also thankful for our new office. The move was made possible by our hard working team. We are all thankful to be working for a company that continues to grow and support their employees. The opportunity to do what we take interest in is motivation to keep doing our best. We are also thankful for you, our clients. Thank you for taking the time to follow us, read about the solutions we are developing, and for the continued support!

Finally, as with many of us in the retail industry, we are thankful for the holiday shopping season! We hope everyone has enjoyable holidays, and remember to take some time to thank those who mean something to you.


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