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3 Tips: Unplugging Yourself While on Vacation

Vacations are for relaxing, not for checking email. we know unplugging yourself while on vacation can be hard, so here are 3 tips.

3 Tips: Unplugging Yourself While on Vacation

Saturday. Whether you have the day off, or are taking a summer vacation Saturdays are designed to unwind and recharge. Yet, so many people spend time checking emails and doing work on this day of relaxation. Our advice, unplug yourself from work and enjoy the day. You can’t recharge if you never unplug. Here are some tips to help you get started:

  1. Leave the phone behind - This tip may be the simplest, but it’s the hardest for people to do. If you’re going to the park, the beach, or even sitting in your own backyard, leave the phone inside. This will eliminate all of the temptations of the work world. No phone means no emails, no calls, no texts, just relaxation. Can’t bring yourself to leave your phone inside? Then turn off alerts for email, or even better turn your phone on silent. This way you still have it with you for emergencies without being bothered by the outside world.
  2. Fully unplug - If you are going on vacation, leave as many electronic devices at home as you can. Yes, that means your laptop and tablet need to stay behind too. “But what if I want to watch Netflix?” If you are asking this question, than your vacation plans must not be very good. You are going on vacation to get away, try different things, and relax; not to do the same things you do at home. If you think you will have trouble with this (or tip 1) ask a family member to help out. Have them take your devices from you when you misuse them, or ask them to hide them all together.
  3. Trust your co-workers, and delegate tasks - Sometime the reason you can’t get away from work is because people are used to going straight to you for answers. This time delegate someone to be in charge while you’re gone. If you trust your employees then prove it by letting them run things in your absence. If you don’t trust your employees, then maybe it’s time to find some new employees. Either way, make sure they know not to contact you on your day off unless it is an absolute emergency.

FYI: If you are wearing shorts or a bathing suit right now, you're already doing it wrong.

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