Halloween Trends of 2015.


Posted by Tim Lyons - 20 October, 2015

With Halloween being only two weeks away, many consumers are rushing to the shelves to find last minute deals on costumes for their eager trick or treating children and maybe one for their own Halloween themed parties. One thing known for sure is that this holiday means big business for retailers in the party industry. The industry pulls in an astounding $6.9 billion for this one holiday.  Everything from costumes to Halloween themed accessories like pumpkins and candy, it is very much go time for many party themed retailers.  More than 157 million Americans will celebrate this long traditioned holiday spending on average $74.34 for this year. The projection is a little lower than the larger $77.52 per person in 2014.  It’s not all on costumes though, $2.1 billion will be spent on candy to pass onwards to trick or treaters, a large portion of the $6.9 billion. A close second is the amount spent on decorations and décor which sums up to $1.9 billion.  

After a long summer, consumers are eager to embrace fall which includes picking out their favorite costume and going door to door to collect their free candy. Halloween is truly the holiday that kicks off a multitude of things. It kicks off the changing of weather from summer to fall, the first of many holidays that begin to occur during the fall and early winter months and the holiday that allows everyone to let loose and have fun for a day & night. Some of the most popular costumes for this year range from Donald Trump to Minions from Universal Pictures.  Not only are people dressing themselves, but they are also dressing their pets as well over 20 million pet owners are expected to dress up their companions for this year’s Halloween. 

All of the purchasing that emerges from this spooky holiday doesn’t occur as last minute as one may think, surprisingly much of it occurs in the month of September which is when consumers capitalize on early-bird deals in stores. This is why as odd as it may look, Halloween merchandise is on store shelves as early as September 1st.  Millennials are undoubtingly the driving force behind keeping Halloween in the forefront if retailer’s minds and merchants are happy to suffice to their needs and desires with all the candy and fake blood you can buy. What are you going to be this Halloween? A Donald Trump Minion by chance? It’s not too late to join the fun…

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Posted by Tim Lyons

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