Coping with Covid-19 - Tips from Working at Home.


Posted by Derek Rodner - 20 March, 2020

Working from home is a new necessary reality for the majority of corporate America. If your company is like the team at Agilence, you are staying home and working virtually in the hopes that we can all come together to flatten the curve.  But if you are like me and it’s your first time doing it, working at home can be a huge adjustment. Luckily, I was able to turn to my colleagues for advice and tips on making this weird time, a little less weird. While it's been a crazy week, it's also been a great time to figure how to work best by coming together (virtually) while practicing social distancing.

Here are a few of the best tips we've found for staying connected, efficient, and motivated while you’re working from home.

Communicating with Coworkers

“If you’re in a virtual meeting, wait a second when people are done talking before you start. Otherwise, you might be interrupting what was just a pause to think. I keep learning this the hard way. “– Brian D.

“With the rise of business-use messaging applications, we often forget that we're not texting a friend about a Netflix show you watched. Stay professional, mind your tone, and over-communicate/spell things out (even if you think it's unnecessary). Things get lost in the sauce very easily when you have quick chatter amongst colleagues.” – Bobby L.

"For team leaders, schedule optional virtual office hours and send an open block of time to your team with a calendar invite. Use the waiting room feature in your collaboration tool to bring people into your 'office' in an orderly fashion.” – Brian H.

"Try to batch your meetings together. It seems to be easier for everyone to cluster meetings together vs. spreading them out across the day." - Eric M.

Being Efficient While At Home

“Go. To. Work. Do your normal morning routine - shower, eat breakfast, make your bed, get dressed (NO PJ's)!” – Bobby L.

"One thing that I have found to help me is to have a schedule. I am now walking outdoors (commuting) before I sit down to work each day and I then I “commute” home in the evening too." - Russ H.

“Music. It helps you focus on your work and stay positive.” – Bill M.

"Wake up at the same time, get ready, get dressed as if you were going into the office. Heck get in the car and listen to your podcasts if you need to, & start/stop work at the same time. I find that this helps me get into the right head-space so I can be more productive in the day!" – Seth A.

“My best tip for working from home is to find a park with tables and WiFi.  Dress warm.” – Pedro R.

“One thing that has REALLY helped me stay focused was making sure I take a lunch break. I also usually go for a run/walk just for 20 minutes. Gives you energy, helps you stay focused, gets you out of the house, and most importantly keeps ya healthy! 😊 “ - Gabrielle N.

“I have converted my guest room into an office. In order to train my brain that this room is no longer a place of leisure, I've been keeping the doors shut. This helps me recognize that it’s time to work. With that said, before and after work, I make a point to keep these doors open to signify it’s off hours. This small change has helped make the room feel more like a place for work, rather than place to kick back.” – Keneavy K.

Relieving Stress

“Time to level up and complete your Fortnite challenges. 😅” – Derek R.

“Take a quick break to pet your animals! This can reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels, lessening the daily work stress. Plus, they are just so happy they’ve finally convinced you to stay home.” - Shaye S.

“Get up and move. Unlike in an office where you can get up and be social, you need to find other ways to avoid being sedentary.” – Jess G.

“ Stay out of the kitchen. LOL!” – Laura J.

“At night to calm down, my wife and I will watch the Great British Baking Show, which we love because all of the contestants are so supportive of one another, and are just happy to be making delicious treats!  We need all the positivity in the world we can get right now, and this show tops it all.”  – Bill M.

A Full Work-Out (Seriously)

From Cathi P., "Gyms are closed or closing but my son Nick @Vitamin-P-Fitness, provided home workouts that can be done without equipment using your own body weight:

Day 1

2-4 Rounds
  • 20 air squats – Get those butts low, people
  • 15 pushups
  • 20 sit-ups
  • 15 burpees 

Day 2

  • Run for 10 minutes in one direction
  • Rest for 2 minutes
  • Run back

Day 3

2-4 Rounds
  • Reverse Lunges (step back instead of forward) - 10-20 per leg 
  • Drinking Bird (one leg off ground, hinge forward at hip – extend raised leg behind you to align with body) - 10-20 per leg  
  • 90 seconds of Planking

Day 4

2-4 Rounds
  • 20-50 Bicycle Crunches  (on back mid sit-up position and start peddling)
  • 15-30 Arrested Superman (on the ground hands behind your head, raise your head and your legs)
  • 50-100 Mountain Climbers (push-up position and rotate bringing knees to elbows and back)

If you don’t run, you can do the following cardio:

  • 5 rounds, 2 minutes jumping rope – no rope necessary
  • Knees up – Arms straight out in front of you and high-step so knees come up to arms alternating legs – it's tougher than you’d think!
While we know the coming days are going to be challenging. We hope you find these tips/advice useful. The team at Agilence is here for our customers and frankly anyone in the world of retail & restaurants. Be safe out there.

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Posted by Derek Rodner

Derek M. Rodner is the VP of Product Strategy at Agilence . He has over 20 years of experience helping start-ups develop products and go-to-market strategies across multiple technologies including: open source software, databases, systems management, business intelligence and SaaS. Derek is married with 3 children and in his spare time he enjoys taking care of his 600 gallon live coral reef fish tank and playing Fortnite.

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