Black Friday Predictions and Hot Items.


Posted by Brian Donnelly - 17 November, 2015

The fall season has been flying by and we are already half way through the month of November which means two things: Thanksgiving, and more importantly Black Friday are only a week away. It may be hard to believe that these two big events are only days away but they are, which means the peak of the shopping season is upon us. Since Black Friday is just around the corner, let’s dive in and see what trends are forecasted for this year’s holiday weekend and what deals consumers are hoping will be popular for 2015.


It is projected that for 2015 the amount of revenue generated on Black Friday will reach $2.7 Billion along with Cyber Monday pulling in around $3 Billion. Although Black Friday is still the main shopping day to receive discounts, Thanksgiving Day shopping is quickly growing as this day alone will generate $1.6 Billion in sales. That’s an 18% increase from the previous year. Deals and discounts will spread across several days from Thanksgiving Day and continue into Cyber Monday which can make it a crap shoot to pick which day gives you the best deal.

A larger than normal trend of using gadgets like mobile and tablets will be seen this year as part of the Black Friday weekend shopping cycle. At least 51% of shoppers will take to devices to either complete purchases or use them for competitive research. When it comes to which sector of the retail world will be booming, it is not surprising that the electronics space is yet again the favorite for this year. Some of the popular products consumers are seeking out include:

  1. 4k TV’s – This being the most up to date technology in the TV industry with more pixels and clearer imaging than ever before. It is often labeled “Ultra HD” that encompasses more power and the clearest picture to date. This new TV technology is expected to increase TV sales to its highest point since 2008/09.
  2. Apple Watch – The continued interest and upward trend of Smart Watches will be a highlighted product consumers are looking to get a deal on this Black Friday. Knowing this, some retailers are offering a $100 gift card when you purchase an Apple Watch as a special holiday bundle. Consumers are also keeping an eye on the other smart watches out there as well.
  3. Tablets – Across the board, tablets are becoming a popular and sought after item this year as many consumers are looking to upgrade their older tablets or get into the tablet game all together.

When looking at non-electronic products, perennial favorites like jewelry, toys and apparel all have their own popular deals with discounts ranging from 10% all the way to 50% or more.

Regardless of what consumers purchase, whether it’s a tablet or a toy, the savings will be well worth the effort to go out and make a few purchases. Exercising the deals and promotions that retailers have put into place for Black Friday 2015 is a smart move for shoppers’ wallets. Based on how things have been going, holiday shopping may finally save 2015 for retailers.


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Posted by Brian Donnelly

Brian Donnelly is the Director of Marketing at Agilence. He has 12+ years of experience in marketing B2C & B2B SaaS solutions. Outside of work, Brian enjoys exploring the greater Philadelphia area with his family and their ugly/adorable Boston Terrier.

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